Tonight is the night,
To miss the one I never had.
To think of the one who made me smile,
Yet bore me tears I could never wipe.

I know better than to miss,
For those who are meant to be are seldom missed.
But tonight is the night to think of him,
The dreams, the kisses, the laughs – all of it.

I hear his whispers all around me,
Piercing through the bitterness of the last fights,
In the darkness of the night I think,
Of the one I had and yet couldn’t be with.

Reality is ugly, backed by truth,
Love is a mirage, so be it,
Tonight is the night to give into illusions,
Of imagined hugs and all perfection.


Leap of Faith

2016 is upon us, and after 2 months of scribbling 2015 in the date column, only to strike it off and replace with 2016 later, we can safely assume that we are all well into 2016 😀 Now you might wonder where was I all this while, but considering the fact that I am a distracted being with toooo manyyyy interests and things on my mind, let’s just be glad I am writing this, okay? Man, so much performance pressure these days, I swear it is getting to me! Or maybe not 😛

Too many interests and too many things? Whatever happened to the Sanjeet of the past , with nothing to do except laze around and/or procrastinate? Well, it turns out, life happened. And oh boy, the way it has happened. This new year has been full of surprises, new things and people making way for the old ones. It began with my pretty sudden exit from my old job, to pursue something I had been looking forward to do from quite some time, to catching up with some old, albeit amazing friends, to cribbing about the construction that is happening ALL AROUND my lovely home of 2.5 years and to learning to let go of everything and take that “leap of faith”.

“Leap of faith”? Isn’t that too much of “gyaan” from someone who flips her lid too often and too soon? Who panics at the slightest hint of “change”? Yes it is. And you might wonder where all this is coming from. I think it comes from a fascination turning slowly into a habit – yoga. Yes, me, the ever-fidgety, took up yoga couple of months back. And it was insane, because I felt I had too much on my mind to actually indulge into a mindful practice, but here I am, and after 7 months of yo-yoing through this, I can safely say that I am getting a little bit of hang of it. I started doing it on the pretext of a more holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, but the real reason was that in my limited exposure to it, I realized that it grounded me in ways I can’t really explain. It is just one of those things that you have to experience first hand, to really know how it feels. And mind you, it is not like you attend a single, (and expensive!) class, and hope to be “enlightened”. It takes time, and more importantly, it takes trust , the “leap of faith”, the understanding that your body and breath know what is best for YOU.


Not me, but I can do this posture!!!!

A lot of people find “paying” for Yoga, “a wasteful expenditure”, or “irrelevant and contradictory to the basic principles of Yoga”. Of course, for us Indians, having to pay for anything worthwhile is “contradictory” because we really love free stuff, don’t we, but then who am I to judge? For me, it is a small token of gratitude to those willing to teach me to accept myself as is.

I wouldn’t say I am “there” yet, I am not. I am still too prone to worrying about things beyond my control, or for that matter, in my control. But I feel I am now more open to taking that “leap of faith”, giving life a chance, because often the shackles holding us back are in our minds, and we are way stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

So, how has your new year going on so far? Any resolutions? Any resolutions that you have been able to keep up so far? Any new light of knowledge that has “flooded your life”, like mine? Share in the comments below!!!!!!

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It is a MAN’s world

Hello there, and we meet again! Life has been quite busy and too many things have happened since my last “real” post. But I think the time has come for yet another “heartfelt” post, and at the risk of sounding a “FEMINAZI” (Man, I love that word, so much power it has :P), I have decided to write about how it is “A MAN’S WORLD”.

Whatever stone you have been under, you couldn’t have possibly missed the amazing webisodes from Yash Raj Films, starring really talented actors and actresses, that is creating waves all over the social media. And if you haven’t had access to Facebook or Youtube for some reason (like you have indeed been living under a rock 😛 ), you can catch them below:

If you are reading this in a hurry, I will (try) to make a quick summary. A young man feels women have it all and therefore wishes hard to swap places with women. And as luck would have it, his wish gets granted. Yes you read it right, this series is about a world where women rule the world, and men deal with issues of eve teasing, workplace discrimination, period pains, and of course making babies. Please watch it, you absolutely gotta love it!!!

If you are a “FEMINAZI” (again, the word!!! *Drools*), just like me, you will love the series, laugh out loud, and yet think wishfully if there was indeed a world like what they show in the web-series. What I took away from the series was not the usual “jazz” (pun intended) about how unsafe women are on roads or public transport, but about how much women are discriminated against in their workplaces.

The reason I talk about this today because this is the most global issue of all. Women might be relatively safer in certain parts of the world, but workplace discrimination is something that is a real part of every ambitious female’s struggle. When Indira Nooyi, CEO PepsiCO, got up and said “Hey, women can’t have it all!”, there was a huge uproar. Here was a women, who has clearly broken every glass ceiling that ever existed, and yet she said that she felt guilty when she couldn’t give her family enough time. Does this mean men don’t feel guilty about that? I would like to say No, but unfortunately it is so much more acceptable for a woman to leave her job and sit at home to “take care of kids”, and be a “housewife”, than for a man to be a “stay-at-home” husband. And if he does dare to do so, he will be ridiculed and taunted by family, relatives, friends and whomever that comprises of those “chaar log”, till he is forced to reconsider.

Again, all of this happens to a woman post marriage, and there are many people who will argue that things change for men too, and I agree with them. But what about the time when a young unmarried woman tries to make foray into a workplace dominated by men???

I am an engineer, and I worked in semiconductor industry for 2.5 years, a field that it is not really rumored to be “women-friendly”, partly because it requires specific skills, that not many women have the resources to acquire. Add to that a large percentage of girls who are married off forcefully or otherwise even before completing their engineering, and you are left with a handful of women, maybe 2 for a team of 20, or none at all. The ratio is dismally low, and it goes even lower post marriage and kids. Luckily, many companies have been working in the direction of retaining talented workforce by giving them the flexibility of work-hours and such, but the point remains that how many times, a woman is really looked beyond her looks and given due credit for her abilities???

It is just so easy to dismiss a girl trying to make her mark, denying her an opportunity that she truly deserves, simply because “she is going to get married anyway and not really serious about being a long-term employee”. It is also very easy to call a well-groomed woman “pretty” or “hot”, and basically objectifying her in a very basic way, taking attention away from the real reason as to why she is here, with better qualifications or greater experience, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the same guy who called her a “hot chick”. And god forbid if she reveals that she enjoys an occasional meal out or a glass of champagne, because then she is here only for the “fun” of being in this industry, never mind that she works her ass off on all the crazy deadlines that are put up to her.

Of course this post will have dissent. It will ruffle feathers of the “chauvinists”, the ones who forward poor jokes about wives and women in general on WhatsApp, the ones who feel staring a girl till she feels uncomfortable is correct, because she is asking for it by travelling alone or wearing a dress, who think that women come to office only to hunt for a potential groom or to “pass time” till she is married off to a rich NRI in USA or Canada. Sorry, but no sorry. This is an unapologetic piece that calls a spade a spade, and I strongly feel that someone’s gender should play absolutely no role in determining their working capability, or the lack of it.

Women are venturing out of the confines of their homes. They are slowly starting to be everywhere, and though we still have a long way to go, at least in this country, rest be assured that none of my community shall stop till we break all those glass ceilings and prove our mettle. We are here to stay.

A cheers to a man’s world, for it shall soon be a woman’s world! B-)

Reactions? Share in the comments’ section! 🙂

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Fast and Furious!!!!!

Holaaaa!!!!! After a hiatus of 2 months (shy of a few days, so to say), I am back and with a post for the really fast and furious connectivity that Airtel is promising to provide – Airtel 4G.

Whoa! 4G, did I say? The technology has moved and how!!! I still remember my mom calling my grandmother on our BSNL land-line, and that too not everyday. Am I so old that I remember that????? 😛

With the advent of mobiles, followed by smartphones; struggling to hear through faulty connections, especially during monsoons, has become a thing of distant past. Think about it, the evolution that technology has gone through, especially in terms of network connectivity.

Forget about phones, let’s talk about internet. There was a time when dial-up internet was “good”. Can you even remember that? It is so difficult to imagine lives without internet – there is a plethora of information available on internet, and one almost feels crippled if unable to access internet for more than a few minutes. From social media to job-hunting, from books to clothes, from cars to smartphones, from education to information – there is absolutely nothing that isn’t available on internet, fondly called as “Net”. These days kids have access to “Net” since their birth, but I remember my first tryst with unlimited speed and downloading in college – I downloaded movies and English TV series and binge-watched them, even during exams. The World Wide Web has been the most important invention of our times, and it has brought us closer, globally, in more ways than one. You can use it to see far fetched places, to know more about different cultures and societies, to read about economic-political conditions of distant countries, and to read expert opinions on the same. The only hindrance, if I might say so, was the restriction of WWW to laptops. But smartphones have literally brought the world to our fingertips, so you can now eat that delicious slice of pizza and post your selfie with it right away at Instagram, and at the same time look up for recipe of Tiramisu and check-in at Facebook from this gorgeous cafe you just bumped into, without much ado.

If there were any hiccups using 3G, then you will be glad to know that Airtel 4G is here, and it is awesomely fast and furious!!! I have been a loyal Airtel Broadband/Wi-Fi customer for almost 2 years now, and what is amazing about them is their absolutely prompt customer service. I have ran into issues, but Airtel has always been ready to solve them as soon as possible, and this is why it is one of the most preferred networks of the country. While I haven’t had a chance to try it, since my Lumia 720 doesn’t support 4G, I urge those of you who can to give it a try and enjoy seamless network. Here are some of its fun facts:

  • Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services nationwide across 296 cities
  • 4G available at 3G prices
  • Free home deliverey of 4G SIM

Find out more at , and download that movie on the go, just like the girl in the advertisement 😀

If you are skeptical about this, why not take the #Airtel4G challenge ? Airtel will pay your mobile bills for a lifetime, if you find a faster network than theirs! I have couple of office colleagues that are using Airtel 4G, and they say it is worth their money 😉

What are you waiting for? Did you try Airtel 4G? What do you think of their advertising campaign? Share your thoughts below!!!!!

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7 Most Misleading Indian Advertisements

Advertisements –  they are one of the most powerful media to catch the attention of the consumer. They are all over the place – big billboards across the city, newspaper ads, TV, Internet. Of course, we all use Ad-Block on YouTube, but some advertisements do manage to “spill over”. While many of them are quite catchy, there are some that are misleading to the point of lying to us! They will sugar-coat the harsh truth, promoting products that are totally bull-shit, and are yet done so appealingly, that you will almost always fall for them, till you uncover the nonsense behind them.

Here is my list of 7 most deceiving Indian advertisements ever:

7. 2-minute Maggi

Now I love Maggi, there is absolutely no doubt about it. But, I and you both know for a fact that Maggi almost always takes more than two minutes to cook. It actually takes at least 10 minutes, and for years Maggi-makers Nestle have fooled us with the “2-minute Maggi” concept, adding to kitchen-woes of mothers to clamoring children like me, who believed the commercials, and even the packet. But then, 20 or 2 mins, Maggi tastes so good that we can actually forgive them, can’t we? *Goes to the kitchen to cook her Maggie in ahemm..20 minutes*

6. Surf Excel : Daag Acche hain (Stains are good)

Surf Excel must have got a lot of children beaten up at home for this horribly enticing commercial. Dear kids, no stains are good. Trust me, if you want to go out to play ever again. *winces from her own memories of how evil stains on uniform were*

5. Kelloggs Cornflakes

Lara Dutta in the past, and Deepika Padukone in present have sworn by it, but between you and me,

1. No sane person can take up this challenge just to fit into a saree. Maybe it is my Punjabi blood speaking though.

2. Does Deepika even need to do this? Isn’t she already thin enough? What kind of pressure are they trying to put us in, when a delicious bowl of Maggi is waiting for me?

If Deepika needs to do it, I might as well not even attempt it. Epic fail, Kelloggs.

4. Thumbs Up

So are you trying to tell me that Akshay Kumar, a billionaire actor, can’t go out and buy a bottle of Thumb Up, instead of risking his life to get it hand on one? No seriously, you think we are that crazy to believe that? “Aaj kuch tufaani krte hain”, yeah sure dude, let’s go and jump on vehicle tops. If it was shot in Bangalore, pretty much believable, since there is no space to walk and the traffic sucks.

3. Axe commercials

Now I have been in two minds for this, since even Wildstone was a close competitor. But I will give you exactly three reasons why I chose Axe for the list:

1. The Wildstone advertisements, though seem like an intro to a C-grade flick, are still better than Axe’s, which are just plain stupid.

2. The Wildstone men are actually good-looking, so the advertisements can be ever so slightly credible.

3. Wildstone focuses on a single woman, while Axe apparently attracts the whole town’s women.

2. Garnier Long and Strong Shampoo

I don’t intend to single out Garnier when there are others like L’Oreal, Pantene and Sunsilk, but this advertisement is the MAA-BAAP of all beauty product advertisements. We have seen people turning fairer, getting shinier hair, applying makeup to look like film-stars, but this one just takes the cake. It is worth watching just to admire the audacity of the ad-makers and the swag of the model.

1. Idea Internet Network (IIN)

At the top of the list is of course the very special “IIN, I am from IIN”. Now initially it seems a little unkind to make fun of these commercials, because all Idea is apparently trying to show people is the power of Internet. But a closer look reveals a much more sinister lack of logic; how does a student with no money for Hotel Management open a roof-top restaurant that requires way more investment? And why will someone join a course with Biology major if they are interested in Economics?They conveniently skip the fact that Internet is also full of many sources that offer incorrect information and it is more often wrong than right. So basically Idea wants you to believe in the power of Idea Internet, as if it has a patent for the World Wide Web. It is a shame because Idea came up with some good advertisements in the past.

Do you have your own list of misguiding advertisements? Share in the comments below!!!

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Soul Sisters

It was 2008. She was new to the class. She was the good-looking girl who had switched her branch from Mechanical to Electronics, and probably had her own set of friends she used to hang out with. She seemed sincere, always taking down notes and listening to the teacher, while the rest of us were busy whiling away the time, hoping for lecture to get over soon. She joined almost at the end of the term, and was trying hard to learn everything as soon as possible; she had just a little over a month to learn everything Electronics had to offer, in order to appear for her end-semester exams.

I was in 3rd semester, and while I was (in)famous, I was not very popular in my class. I was known for all wrong reasons – the Ms.Fresher who didn’t deserve to be, the girl who fought with her hostel room-mates over seemingly non-trivial things, the girl who fought with the Warden and numerous seniors over ragging, and so on and so forth. I knew what everyone thought of me, and while I pretended I didn’t care; I actually did, and quite a lot. But I was a little too headstrong to try and be friends with anyone else, and would therefore arrive late to the class often, and just head to the last seat, because that’s where those who didn’t know anyone sat, in my class.

It was a bright, sunny, but cold day. I had no money, it had been a while since I had been to the ATM. I knew there was one right inside the BEL campus close to the college, but it felt unsafe to go in a rickshaw. The area was all industrial and it wasn’t really good idea to travel alone in a cycle rickshaw carrying loose cash – the area was known for robberies. Then I got to know that the new girl lived close by, and though the ATM was not exactly on her way, her dad worked in BEL and she had a Scooty.

So I asked her, if she would be kind enough to take me to the ATM sometime, since I was out of cash and there were still some days before I went to my relative’s place or to my home. She gladly obliged. I wondered if that was a good idea, I barely knew her. But she seemed like a decent person, had definitely scored more than me in the semester exams, and I had trusted so many weirdos over my short tenure at college, it would only seem fair to an outsider to give her a chance too.

So off we went, the new girl and me, on her Scooty. I withdrew money, she dropped me back to college, and went home. We undertook several such trips, and despite our initial hesitation, we started talking and sharing. She told me about her life, her family, her friends, and I shared more of me to her. It felt good to talk to her, and despite my initial doubts, I never felt like holding myself back with her.

Soon the exams for 4th semester were on our heads, and after my disaster in 3rd semester, I really wanted to do better. And this time, we became exam buddies. Initially it was a little odd, possibly annoying, I was not used to someone calling me, of all the people in the class, and asking or clarifying something. But she chose me. And thanks to her, I ended up reading things I hadn’t bothered to read carefully, and just for her sake, I started reading my books a little closely.

Right in the middle of semester exams, another fight/confrontation beckoned me. It was the usual hostel politics, people saying things they shouldn’t have, people revealing things they shouldn’t have. It affected me, annoyed me, hurt me. And I had no one to talk about them to – till I remembered her. I called her up, she listened patiently, gave me sound advice, told me to get back to my books, asked me some more doubts.

After that semester, we became firm friends. I finally had a friend I could call “my own”, and she too probably felt the same way. Somehow, having each other in our lives, made us see things clearly, and we both got rid of friends and people who shouldn’t have mattered at the first place.

7 years down the lane, when I look back, I realize, how far have we come. Things changed, we moved to different cities, started doing varied things. And yet, something connects us. Our religious and cultural differences never mattered, all that mattered was how each of us could see what the other wanted to show. We accepted each other with our countless flaws, and love each other unconditionally. Someone has rightly said,”Friends are family we choose for ourselves.” If I had to name a “best friend for life”, I will name her in a jiffy, but it would not do any justice to the beautiful relationship we have – we aren’t friends, we are “Soul Sisters”. It was a small gesture that afternoon 7 years back, that probably made her feel nice too, about interacting with someone of her class, but it grew into a magical friendship, a beautiful bond, that is here to stay, today and forever.

A long time back..

Once upon a time, when I was too fat 😛

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11 Things You Did if You Studied Engineering

Brought to you by the extreme boredom of Sunday afternoon! It’s “that day” of the week that I almost always want to hold on to. I mean, come on, how can you not! The vestiges of free time as you slowly move to another work-week, such are the joys of adulthood! And today, from the throes of idleness, I bring to you some nuggets of nonsense, that will probably make you laugh, and if you are studying to be an engineer or already an engineer, take you down to the lane of nostalgia. You may have done more than 11 things, but these 11 just had to be a part of your engineering life!

11. You cursed your college like a b*tch : It doesn’t matter whether you studied from IIT or IIN, you cursed your college with words that you can’t even dare to say in front of your mother. Sometimes it was the rules, sometimes it was the lecturers, sometimes it was the mess, or the commute, and sometimes, well, nothing. But you still cursed it.

10. You felt there were no good looking people in your batch : But oh, look at your seniors! Or even your juniors. Why are we stuck with a bunch of nerdy, ugly people? Never mind that you yourself have mirror-shattering looks and years later, you will look at the same nerds and wonder, “Hey, when did he/she start to look so hot?”

9. You just had to study the night before the exam: Notwithstanding that you spent all your preparatory leaves sleeping, or the subject in concern is “Principles of Management”, which “you knew since you were born.”

8. Torrent was your lifesaver : You downloaded all new movies, all exciting TV shows, and ahem, lot of other things. Torrent made your hostel life, worth it. If the LAN is working well for a change, you will finish up all the quota for your semester by downloading stuff from torrent, and then wait for someone to create a hotspot when your limit is over. Oh, the joys of seamless download and GBs of multimedia!

7. Maggi stood for bliss:  You loved Maggi. Food sucks at mess? Grab a packet of Maggi! Late night studying? Cook some Maggi! In canteen after a boring lecture? Let’s have some piping hot Maggi! Those days have gone, and your traditional “Yellow packet Maggi” is now replaced by “healthier” Vegetable Maggi.

6. You spent more than one weekend binge watching your favorite TV shows: Friends, anyone? Or Prison Break? Or Breaking Bad? You name it, and at least one of us has spent days together watching the same show over and over, and imagining ourselves in our favorite character’s shoes. Which of course reminds me, of “Carrie Bradshaw” and “Mr. Big”. Sigh 🙂

5. You almost always called the topper of your class “Rattu Totaa”:  No matter how well he/she does, you know he is a “Maggu” and “memorizes everything”, and “doesn’t understand the concepts”. And when h/she gets a placement before you? “Saala Chatur”. Which gets me to my next point.

4. You related to “3 Idiots” instantly : You laughed your guts out at Chatur’s “Balaatkaari speech”, you rooted for Rancho when he answered back to his Mechanical professor, you cried when Raju jumped off the window of Virus’s office, and called your HOD “Virus” every time he yelled at you. Above all, you found yourself connecting to at least one of the characters. And that’s why 3 Idiots remains one of your favorite movies.

3. You hated the mandatory attendance rule of your college : You always maintained that “Attendance was not needed to score well.” Never mind that when you did attend lectures with some regularity, you understood the subject more. Because, hey, bunking is cool. Abhi nahin krenge, toh kab karnege?

2. You had at least one favorite spot in your campus: No, I don’t mean lolling in front of Girls’ Hostel. No, not that. Despos.

1. You miss your college like hell : And that stands true in all cases, irrespective of how much you loved or hated your college. Because a college is not a building of bricks and mortar, it is made up of friends you made and the memories you created.

Does this post remind you of more? Share your thoughts in the comments section! 🙂