Tonight is the night,
To miss the one I never had.
To think of the one who made me smile,
Yet bore me tears I could never wipe.

I know better than to miss,
For those who are meant to be are seldom missed.
But tonight is the night to think of him,
The dreams, the kisses, the laughs – all of it.

I hear his whispers all around me,
Piercing through the bitterness of the last fights,
In the darkness of the night I think,
Of the one I had and yet couldn’t be with.

Reality is ugly, backed by truth,
Love is a mirage, so be it,
Tonight is the night to give into illusions,
Of imagined hugs and all perfection.


Leap of Faith

2016 is upon us, and after 2 months of scribbling 2015 in the date column, only to strike it off and replace with 2016 later, we can safely assume that we are all well into 2016 😀 Now you might wonder where was I all this while, but considering the fact that I am a distracted being with toooo manyyyy interests and things on my mind, let’s just be glad I am writing this, okay? Man, so much performance pressure these days, I swear it is getting to me! Or maybe not 😛

Too many interests and too many things? Whatever happened to the Sanjeet of the past , with nothing to do except laze around and/or procrastinate? Well, it turns out, life happened. And oh boy, the way it has happened. This new year has been full of surprises, new things and people making way for the old ones. It began with my pretty sudden exit from my old job, to pursue something I had been looking forward to do from quite some time, to catching up with some old, albeit amazing friends, to cribbing about the construction that is happening ALL AROUND my lovely home of 2.5 years and to learning to let go of everything and take that “leap of faith”.

“Leap of faith”? Isn’t that too much of “gyaan” from someone who flips her lid too often and too soon? Who panics at the slightest hint of “change”? Yes it is. And you might wonder where all this is coming from. I think it comes from a fascination turning slowly into a habit – yoga. Yes, me, the ever-fidgety, took up yoga couple of months back. And it was insane, because I felt I had too much on my mind to actually indulge into a mindful practice, but here I am, and after 7 months of yo-yoing through this, I can safely say that I am getting a little bit of hang of it. I started doing it on the pretext of a more holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, but the real reason was that in my limited exposure to it, I realized that it grounded me in ways I can’t really explain. It is just one of those things that you have to experience first hand, to really know how it feels. And mind you, it is not like you attend a single, (and expensive!) class, and hope to be “enlightened”. It takes time, and more importantly, it takes trust , the “leap of faith”, the understanding that your body and breath know what is best for YOU.


Not me, but I can do this posture!!!!

A lot of people find “paying” for Yoga, “a wasteful expenditure”, or “irrelevant and contradictory to the basic principles of Yoga”. Of course, for us Indians, having to pay for anything worthwhile is “contradictory” because we really love free stuff, don’t we, but then who am I to judge? For me, it is a small token of gratitude to those willing to teach me to accept myself as is.

I wouldn’t say I am “there” yet, I am not. I am still too prone to worrying about things beyond my control, or for that matter, in my control. But I feel I am now more open to taking that “leap of faith”, giving life a chance, because often the shackles holding us back are in our minds, and we are way stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

So, how has your new year going on so far? Any resolutions? Any resolutions that you have been able to keep up so far? Any new light of knowledge that has “flooded your life”, like mine? Share in the comments below!!!!!!

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It is a MAN’s world

Hello there, and we meet again! Life has been quite busy and too many things have happened since my last “real” post. But I think the time has come for yet another “heartfelt” post, and at the risk of sounding a “FEMINAZI” (Man, I love that word, so much power it has :P), I have decided to write about how it is “A MAN’S WORLD”.

Whatever stone you have been under, you couldn’t have possibly missed the amazing webisodes from Yash Raj Films, starring really talented actors and actresses, that is creating waves all over the social media. And if you haven’t had access to Facebook or Youtube for some reason (like you have indeed been living under a rock 😛 ), you can catch them below:

If you are reading this in a hurry, I will (try) to make a quick summary. A young man feels women have it all and therefore wishes hard to swap places with women. And as luck would have it, his wish gets granted. Yes you read it right, this series is about a world where women rule the world, and men deal with issues of eve teasing, workplace discrimination, period pains, and of course making babies. Please watch it, you absolutely gotta love it!!!

If you are a “FEMINAZI” (again, the word!!! *Drools*), just like me, you will love the series, laugh out loud, and yet think wishfully if there was indeed a world like what they show in the web-series. What I took away from the series was not the usual “jazz” (pun intended) about how unsafe women are on roads or public transport, but about how much women are discriminated against in their workplaces.

The reason I talk about this today because this is the most global issue of all. Women might be relatively safer in certain parts of the world, but workplace discrimination is something that is a real part of every ambitious female’s struggle. When Indira Nooyi, CEO PepsiCO, got up and said “Hey, women can’t have it all!”, there was a huge uproar. Here was a women, who has clearly broken every glass ceiling that ever existed, and yet she said that she felt guilty when she couldn’t give her family enough time. Does this mean men don’t feel guilty about that? I would like to say No, but unfortunately it is so much more acceptable for a woman to leave her job and sit at home to “take care of kids”, and be a “housewife”, than for a man to be a “stay-at-home” husband. And if he does dare to do so, he will be ridiculed and taunted by family, relatives, friends and whomever that comprises of those “chaar log”, till he is forced to reconsider.

Again, all of this happens to a woman post marriage, and there are many people who will argue that things change for men too, and I agree with them. But what about the time when a young unmarried woman tries to make foray into a workplace dominated by men???

I am an engineer, and I worked in semiconductor industry for 2.5 years, a field that it is not really rumored to be “women-friendly”, partly because it requires specific skills, that not many women have the resources to acquire. Add to that a large percentage of girls who are married off forcefully or otherwise even before completing their engineering, and you are left with a handful of women, maybe 2 for a team of 20, or none at all. The ratio is dismally low, and it goes even lower post marriage and kids. Luckily, many companies have been working in the direction of retaining talented workforce by giving them the flexibility of work-hours and such, but the point remains that how many times, a woman is really looked beyond her looks and given due credit for her abilities???

It is just so easy to dismiss a girl trying to make her mark, denying her an opportunity that she truly deserves, simply because “she is going to get married anyway and not really serious about being a long-term employee”. It is also very easy to call a well-groomed woman “pretty” or “hot”, and basically objectifying her in a very basic way, taking attention away from the real reason as to why she is here, with better qualifications or greater experience, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the same guy who called her a “hot chick”. And god forbid if she reveals that she enjoys an occasional meal out or a glass of champagne, because then she is here only for the “fun” of being in this industry, never mind that she works her ass off on all the crazy deadlines that are put up to her.

Of course this post will have dissent. It will ruffle feathers of the “chauvinists”, the ones who forward poor jokes about wives and women in general on WhatsApp, the ones who feel staring a girl till she feels uncomfortable is correct, because she is asking for it by travelling alone or wearing a dress, who think that women come to office only to hunt for a potential groom or to “pass time” till she is married off to a rich NRI in USA or Canada. Sorry, but no sorry. This is an unapologetic piece that calls a spade a spade, and I strongly feel that someone’s gender should play absolutely no role in determining their working capability, or the lack of it.

Women are venturing out of the confines of their homes. They are slowly starting to be everywhere, and though we still have a long way to go, at least in this country, rest be assured that none of my community shall stop till we break all those glass ceilings and prove our mettle. We are here to stay.

A cheers to a man’s world, for it shall soon be a woman’s world! B-)

Reactions? Share in the comments’ section! 🙂

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Fast and Furious!!!!!

Holaaaa!!!!! After a hiatus of 2 months (shy of a few days, so to say), I am back and with a post for the really fast and furious connectivity that Airtel is promising to provide – Airtel 4G.

Whoa! 4G, did I say? The technology has moved and how!!! I still remember my mom calling my grandmother on our BSNL land-line, and that too not everyday. Am I so old that I remember that????? 😛

With the advent of mobiles, followed by smartphones; struggling to hear through faulty connections, especially during monsoons, has become a thing of distant past. Think about it, the evolution that technology has gone through, especially in terms of network connectivity.

Forget about phones, let’s talk about internet. There was a time when dial-up internet was “good”. Can you even remember that? It is so difficult to imagine lives without internet – there is a plethora of information available on internet, and one almost feels crippled if unable to access internet for more than a few minutes. From social media to job-hunting, from books to clothes, from cars to smartphones, from education to information – there is absolutely nothing that isn’t available on internet, fondly called as “Net”. These days kids have access to “Net” since their birth, but I remember my first tryst with unlimited speed and downloading in college – I downloaded movies and English TV series and binge-watched them, even during exams. The World Wide Web has been the most important invention of our times, and it has brought us closer, globally, in more ways than one. You can use it to see far fetched places, to know more about different cultures and societies, to read about economic-political conditions of distant countries, and to read expert opinions on the same. The only hindrance, if I might say so, was the restriction of WWW to laptops. But smartphones have literally brought the world to our fingertips, so you can now eat that delicious slice of pizza and post your selfie with it right away at Instagram, and at the same time look up for recipe of Tiramisu and check-in at Facebook from this gorgeous cafe you just bumped into, without much ado.

If there were any hiccups using 3G, then you will be glad to know that Airtel 4G is here, and it is awesomely fast and furious!!! I have been a loyal Airtel Broadband/Wi-Fi customer for almost 2 years now, and what is amazing about them is their absolutely prompt customer service. I have ran into issues, but Airtel has always been ready to solve them as soon as possible, and this is why it is one of the most preferred networks of the country. While I haven’t had a chance to try it, since my Lumia 720 doesn’t support 4G, I urge those of you who can to give it a try and enjoy seamless network. Here are some of its fun facts:

  • Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services nationwide across 296 cities
  • 4G available at 3G prices
  • Free home deliverey of 4G SIM

Find out more at , and download that movie on the go, just like the girl in the advertisement 😀

If you are skeptical about this, why not take the #Airtel4G challenge ? Airtel will pay your mobile bills for a lifetime, if you find a faster network than theirs! I have couple of office colleagues that are using Airtel 4G, and they say it is worth their money 😉

What are you waiting for? Did you try Airtel 4G? What do you think of their advertising campaign? Share your thoughts below!!!!!

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Do you remember the first time you got to know about The Great Indian Caste system? You may not remember the four varnas buried in your history books, but you will surely remember your entrance forms, where you had to fill your “category” and that’s when you realized that you admission doesn’t depend ONLY on your marks in the said exam, but also on what your forefathers did or were. Long story short, if you are an Aam Aadmi ka beta/beti, you have spent much of your graduation and post graduation, cursing the fallacy of Indian social system, and developing strong biases against those who “reap the benefits”.

But if you, by any chance, didn’t experience the above mentioned situation, then there is absolutely no way, that you didn’t experience the worst form of racism, stereotyping, and prejudices, in the most thriving industry of this country – Indian weddings.

Take a look at your Sunday paper closely for once. Have you ever seen the way the matrimonial supplement is categorized? As if Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and Jain was not enough, we have Punjabi, Gujrati, Marathi, Reddy, Brahmins, Thakurs, Bengali, etc etc etc. The requirement, the advertisement remains the same in all of them – Want a professionally qualified match for daughter/son – simple enough, till you see that invisible asterisk -but of our culture/community/religion/caste/gotra and so on and so forth. And God forbid, if you, being an educated person, of educated parents, decide to cross these boundaries. You will be asked to question your judgment more than once, and in many ways, and it will all come down to this- caste/community/religion/gotra etc etc etc. I mean, don’t you remember “Two States?” That stuff is as real as reality gets.

I was born in Delhi, brought up in Rajasthan, did my engineering from UP and living in Karnataka from past 3.5 years. Prejudices exists everywhere – the caste system in UP is extremely rigid. And Bangalore has been in news more than once for its biases against non-Kannadigas. In Delhi and Punjab, Biharis are looked down upon, and the population there is famous for calling every South Indian “Madrasi”. When we try to absolve the differences, by forming friendships or relationships with people beyond our culture, often the societal pressure is to talk us out of it.

And yet you see, so many couples, getting married with partners of their own choice, irrespective of their caste or community. You look at happy pictures, and think “India is progressing”. Sometimes, it is not so rosy. India has, and keeps having, its own share of honor killings. Some make headlines, some are buried in oblivion.

You might get frustrated and ask yourself, is there a way around all this? Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. Because eventually, it doesn’t matter who stereotypes and how. What matters is your sense of right and wrong.

My brush with this stereotyping and prejudices happened very recently, and led me to write this post. What has been your experience? You think we can eliminate deep-rooted racism and prejudices from our surroundings, for once and for all? Leave a comment below.

Anybody Can Dance, including Shraddha, and how! ABCD2

A much awaited sequel was finally here, and I absolutely had to catch it over the last weekend. And what better company than people who share my joy for dancing – my awesome friends at SDIPA? 🙂 I have been a regular at the dance classes conducted by Shiamak Davar’s Institute Of Performing Arts, and it is to them I credit my treasure of great people who I have known and befriended over my stay here. More about that in another post!!!

See, how awesome we look in our crazy, windy selfie :P

See, how awesome we look in our crazy, windy selfie 😛

Anyway, coming to the actual review of the movie, we watched it at Cinepolis, which I like over others in the vicinity thanks to its nice seats and cheap tickets, making the whole cinematic experience cushy and comfortable. And we had decided long back, that this movie deserves to be seen ONLY IN 3D, and so we did, wearing our crazy glasses 😛

As you must have read everywhere, the plot is not much to speak of. A team of dancers, branded as cheaters on a dance reality show, approach Prabhudeva to become their guru for the world’s greatest hip hop competition at Las Vegas. This one sentence pretty much sums up the entire story of the movie 😛 In terms of acting, only Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor to some extent seem to be able to hold the fort. But then, who watches a ABCD movie for the acting, eh?

The dance sequences are beautifully interspersed throughout the movie, and this movie is a joy to watch for all hip-hop lovers. Varun Dhawan is a Shiamak prodigy, and it surprises no one to see him dancing so mind-bogglingly well. Shraddha Kapoor, on the other hand, though not as good as Varun or others, still does a good job. Somehow I felt that her moves lacked the strength that hip hop requires. Probably, she was too focused on getting the technique right. But dude, she looks super hot, even better than Varun Dhawan. The “Sunn Sathiya” sequence sees her in the full glory,  and for a second you are compelled, even as a girl, to move your eyes away from Varun’s six packs to Sharddha’s new, slender dancer body 😀

Punit Pathak, Dharmesh Sir, Raghav “Cockroach”, Saajan, Sushant , are all fabulous dancers, and they play a huge, huge role in lifting up the performances in the movie to another level. Lauren kind of has a special appearance, but without her, ABCD2 would be incomplete. However, honestly speaking, ABCD’s music and choreography were more catchy than ABCD2’s. ABCD also utilized the 3D advantage more, and gave us amazing sequences in “Ganpati Bappa Morya” and “Bezubaan”. In  ABCD2, my favorite sequence was “Bezubaan Phir Se”. “Chunar” and “Sunn Sathiya” are nice enough too.

Overall, if you love dancing as much as I do, please do yourself a favor and watch this movie. But don’t try to find sense in the story. Just leave your brains at home and take with you your dancing soul, and cheer for Varun and his team of underdogs, unabashed.

Meanwhile, I am going to listen to Bezubaan Phir Se, just one more time 😛

Rating:  3.5 / 5

A complete entertainer : Tanu Weds Manu Returns

We Indians love our family oriented, naach-gaana movies. They are larger than life; we laugh, cry and dance with them, and take back home with us a cinematic experience. One such very happy, fun-filled and absolutely rocking entertainer has been Tanu Weds Manu Returns!

Now let’s be honest, Bollywood doesn’t do sequels much. But here is a refreshing movie that is even better than its predecessor! To cut a long story short, the story takes up right where the prequel left -what really did happen after Tanu wed Manu? Turns out, not all matches have a happy ending. 4 years later, the bubbly Tanu and cute Manu have been replaced by a raging wife in Tanu and a disgruntled husband in Manu. They decide to separate, and Manu meets Datto – a better version of Tanu, with none of her madness. What happens next, forms the crux of the story.

The story is simple, and at times disbelieving too, but the characters and dialogues more than make up for it. Kangana is the “hero” of this movie, but every actor contributes to the beautiful execution of this lovely film. One character that stole my heart away was Deepak Dobriyal’s “Pappiji”, Manu’s loyal sidekick. His mannerisms, his “gyaan” for his friend, his craziness – without Pappiji, Tanu Weds Manu Returns wouldn’t be half as good as it is. Not to forget, my eternal crush Jimmy Shergill, who played Raja Awasthi, the suitor in line, for the second time, and even better than before!

Some tracks in the story did seem a little unnecessary to me – there didn’t seem to be any sense in continuing Jassi and Payal’s track. But those are minor hiccups in the overall package, where Kangana Ranaut rules the roost as Tanu and Datto – playing two totally different characters with equal aplomb. Kangana has always been a good actress, but in the past I have often felt that her diction is not clear enough. It is good to see that she has been working hard on it, with great results. It is also nice to see R.Madhavan in a Hindi movie after 3 Idiots, and kudos to him for shining in a role that was written to be overpowered by Kangana.


At the end of the movie, you realize that both Tanu and Manu are more than a little cuckoo in the head and you root shamelessly for Datto – the simple Jatni that makes you smile. But as Kangana very rightly mentioned in one of her interviews, Tanu Weds Manu Returns is not just another sequel. It is a force to reckon with, for it asks you a very complicated question – should you ever find a version of your partner/spouse without their flaws, would you want them instead of your better half? Will you replace your nagging wife or lazy husband or over-bearing girlfriend or boring boyfriend for someone who looks like them but doesn’t have those traits that annoy the crap out of you?

The music of the movie is also fun – peppy numbers that will dominate wedding dance floors for years to come 😛

With two women-centric movies doing exceptionally well (Piku and Tanu Weds Manu Returns) over a glossy magnum opus(Bombay Velvet), it is indeed a good time to be watching Hindi movies!

Rating: 4/5

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Be Curious, NOT Judgmental

Curiosity and judging others, though poles apart, are innate qualities of human mind. As a child, we all have pestered our elders with piercing questions, about life, about nature, about adulthood, to which they sometimes had answers and sometimes not. All our childhood experiences, our upbringing, our schooling, has contributed to being the person we are today. And on our way to adulthood, we all learnt to form something that we were most likely better off without – judgments.

It starts innocuously, possibly at the onset of teenage, when we learn to form opinions about things around us. I don’t know about you, but me, I was very very vocal about my thoughts since my childhood. I had a very clear sense of what was right and what was wrong, and I spent a lot of my childhood picking fights with those who didn’t agree. It was not good, and I remember long lectures by my parents about how there was no need to fight with all and sundry, simply because “I could”.

Throughout school and for sometime in college, I continued to air my opinions and pick fights. It would also disturb me, since a fight is almost always extremely emotionally draining, and standing on the other side of the crowd, alone, was very trying.

Things improved with time, I met some genuinely nice people in college, whom I am still firm friends with. I grew a little more tolerant, but it was my experience at my Masters in Manipal, that really changed my outlook to different people and their opinions. Manipal is a student town, and if you ever have been there, you will find all kinds of kids doing all sorts of things under the sun. Initially it was awkward, watching girls smoke openly, or boys hanging out with girls in public, and yet seeing same people literally rubbing their noses in their textbooks at the library, but I learnt to not judge people on their looks. I learnt to just let them be.

After 2.5 years as a a working professional, I have learnt that people are not always what they seem.  And hence, therefore, it is just wrong to judge someone just like that. I am learning to let my judgmental behavior give way to a genuine curiosity, to understand why someone is the way they are. Of course, that might not justify their actions, but still, it is a better outlet for all the unnecessary negativity.

Because it is not worth it!

Because it is not worth it!

It is not like I am surrounded by perfect people. Even if I am not judgmental, sometimes I still have fights or confrontations with people who just won’t let me be. Sigh, if only people understood what we learnt by rote in Science in school, that “Energy is constant”. If we let out negative energy to the universe, it will come back to us in some form, and always negative. It is so much better to release positive energy in the Universe, and wait for it to come back to us, as an unexpected bonus.

While it may be fun airing your opinions all the time about someone’s job, their lifestyle, their love life, their spending capacity, it is often a good idea to just SHUT UP and observe. Be curious, try to learn more. But never ever be mean enough to judge someone on the basis of their looks or the money they make or anything else equally superficial. Don’t feel offended if they don’t think the way you do, just let them be. There will be so much more peace around if we don’t try to control everything.

What do you think about this Friday Gyaan? Have you judged someone, only to realize you were way off the mark? Has anyone judged you unfairly? Share in the comments below! 🙂

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Motion se hi Emotion – Piku

Movies are supposed to be a mirror to our lives. Over the decades, Hindi commercial cinema has produced and promotes movies that portray and ideal, Utopian world, where children love their parents selflessly. According to Hindi movies, there is no greater sin than not taking care of your old parents, after all, ours is the land of Shravan Kumar- the ideal son. We have grown up seeing movies  where “Maa-Baap” were the ultimate epitome of love and sacrifice, who are loved equally selflessly by the “Hero”.

But what happens when you realize that an old father can be selfish enough to keep his young daughter to himself, trapped in his daily tantrums regarding his health, especially his bowel movements? It is with this view that Piku, directed by Shoojit Sircar of “Kahaani” and “Vicky Donor” fame, creeps in stealthily and captures our hearts.

Piku is the story of a young, independent, working Bengali woman, Piku Banerjee(played with absolute finesse by Deepika Padukone), who lives with her eccentric father (and this is the reason why Amitabh Bacchan is a living legend) in Delhi’s CR park (where else, apart from Kolkata? 😛 ). By now you must have read raving reviews of Piku, the superb acting of Irrfan Khan and others, and how it continued to rake in the moolah at the Box Office, till “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” ended its winning streak, and quite rightfully.

A simple story with a beautiful narration, Piku tugged at my heart and by the time it ended, it left me with many things to ponder. In a society like India where families are so close knit, often we see that even after children are grown up and independent, parents tend to hold on to them. They expect their children to revolve their lives around them, and to them it is only fair, since they did that for them too!

A lot of people celebrated Piku as the modern Indian woman, independent and self-reliant, brought up with a broad mindset. And yet, they ignore the fact that Piku’s Baba uses her active sex-life as an excuse to drive away potential suitors! Of course, there are a lot of ways to interpret a cinematic experience, people say that Bhaskor Banerjee was quite progressive, but if you ask me, he used “empowering women” as an excuse to tie down his own daughter into shackles of responsibility and loneliness.

At the end of the day, everyone is selfish to some extent. It takes a great amount of love to be truly selfless, letting someone you love go to find their own path. Piku too tried to tie down her father into the customary old-age restrictions of not walking too much or eating oily/spicy food, but she did let him go, eventually. Love is weird that way.

If you haven’t watched Piku yet, do watch it. It is good to see Hindi cinema revolving into meaningful and enjoyable cinema, without being preachy or boring.

Rating: 4/5

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Hauntingly beautiful : Bikhre Bimb

Well, hello there!!! I know it has been long, but they(okay fine, I !) say to be a good writer you need to keep experiencing new, exciting things to write about, and therefore I have been off my writing pad for past few weeks. But I am back, with a lot of stories and experiences to share, that can easily be content of this blog (that I insist you must join/follow/like on FB) for some weeks to come! 😀

So first up today is an experience of a lifetime that I will love all of you to have – watching Arundhati Nag live in action in Girish Karnad’s production : Bikhre Bimb (Broken Images). It is originally a Kannada play and has been translated to Hindi and English too. I caught this on a Friday, at one of my most favorite places in Bangalore – Rangashankra, a lovely theater right in the heart of JP Nagar. Me and my friend have been longing to watch a nice production, and when we got to know about this, we just had to go!!!!!

The premise of Bikhre Bimb is quite interesting – Manjula Nayak, an unsuccessful Kannada writer, suddenly becomes literary world’s favorite child after publishing a bestseller in English. At first it seemed like a play about the conflicts of an Indian writer – born to speak Hindi/Punjabi/Kannada et all and still dares to write in English! How can someone who has learnt to think in a language, write in a foreign tongue? Manjula Nayak has been beautifully portrayed by one of the finest actors alive – Ms. Arundhati Nag. She plays a character who comes across as confident, and to some extent, even arrogant. She mocks at those who question her “loyalty” to her mother tongue, and laughs off all suggestions that she might be ever so slightly be guilty of abandoning her own language.

As the play proceeds, in a TV studio, there occurs another layer to the story – Manjula’s relationship with her sister Malini Nayak. Malini is beautiful, young, intelligent, and physically handicapped. She is everything Manjula isn’t. Manjula talks about the struggles of her sister, and describes tearfully how she tried to depict her pain in her novel. But her doppelganger traps her into revealing more, and then all skeletons from the closet come tumbling out. How Manjula had always been jealous of Malini, growing up in the shadow of a sibling far better than her. How Manjula’s own husband felt more at ease talking to Malini, than his own wife, which drew a wedge in their marital life. Childless and resentful, Manjula disliked Malini for being better than her, and secretly wished to be her.

I will leave the climax of the plot out of this post, since I really, really want you to watch this. But I will tell you one thing – Arundhati Nag is just fabulous. It is a gift to see such a veteran actress onstage, portraying such complex emotions with apparent ease, compelling you to stick to every word of interaction between her and her sub-conscious, making you gasp at her story, and yet feeling sorry for her. You feel pity for Manjula Nayak, a jealous sister who tries hard to one-up her own sister, and just when she thought she won, she lost it all.

The strength of her Arundhati’s acting is such, that you can’t leave Manjula in the darkness of theater. She comes with you outside, and stays in your thoughts, forcing you to think if good is indeed always good or if bad is really that easy to define. She haunts you long enough, to ponder on realities of life, and to wonder if we are too quick to pass a judgement on someone, based on their physical appearances, without knowing their truth.

Apart from her expressions, what I loved the most about Arundhati Nag’s acting is her voice – you can hear her till the back of the theater, and her diction is clear and powerful. The Hindi used in the play is pure, and yet easy to understand. Of course, a play is no good without a great direction, and Girish Karnad and KM Chaitanya deserve all credit for such marvelous interpretation of human emotions and relationships.

Do watch this if you can, I have heard the Kannada and English versions are pretty good as well, although the English version has a different actress. But don’t miss this experience at all!!!

Rating: 5/5

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