Leap of Faith

2016 is upon us, and after 2 months of scribbling 2015 in the date column, only to strike it off and replace with 2016 later, we can safely assume that we are all well into 2016 😀 Now you might wonder where was I all this while, but considering the fact that I am a distracted being with toooo manyyyy interests and things on my mind, let’s just be glad I am writing this, okay? Man, so much performance pressure these days, I swear it is getting to me! Or maybe not 😛

Too many interests and too many things? Whatever happened to the Sanjeet of the past , with nothing to do except laze around and/or procrastinate? Well, it turns out, life happened. And oh boy, the way it has happened. This new year has been full of surprises, new things and people making way for the old ones. It began with my pretty sudden exit from my old job, to pursue something I had been looking forward to do from quite some time, to catching up with some old, albeit amazing friends, to cribbing about the construction that is happening ALL AROUND my lovely home of 2.5 years and to learning to let go of everything and take that “leap of faith”.

“Leap of faith”? Isn’t that too much of “gyaan” from someone who flips her lid too often and too soon? Who panics at the slightest hint of “change”? Yes it is. And you might wonder where all this is coming from. I think it comes from a fascination turning slowly into a habit – yoga. Yes, me, the ever-fidgety, took up yoga couple of months back. And it was insane, because I felt I had too much on my mind to actually indulge into a mindful practice, but here I am, and after 7 months of yo-yoing through this, I can safely say that I am getting a little bit of hang of it. I started doing it on the pretext of a more holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, but the real reason was that in my limited exposure to it, I realized that it grounded me in ways I can’t really explain. It is just one of those things that you have to experience first hand, to really know how it feels. And mind you, it is not like you attend a single, (and expensive!) class, and hope to be “enlightened”. It takes time, and more importantly, it takes trust , the “leap of faith”, the understanding that your body and breath know what is best for YOU.


Not me, but I can do this posture!!!!

A lot of people find “paying” for Yoga, “a wasteful expenditure”, or “irrelevant and contradictory to the basic principles of Yoga”. Of course, for us Indians, having to pay for anything worthwhile is “contradictory” because we really love free stuff, don’t we, but then who am I to judge? For me, it is a small token of gratitude to those willing to teach me to accept myself as is.

I wouldn’t say I am “there” yet, I am not. I am still too prone to worrying about things beyond my control, or for that matter, in my control. But I feel I am now more open to taking that “leap of faith”, giving life a chance, because often the shackles holding us back are in our minds, and we are way stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

So, how has your new year going on so far? Any resolutions? Any resolutions that you have been able to keep up so far? Any new light of knowledge that has “flooded your life”, like mine? Share in the comments below!!!!!!

Featured Image Source : Greatist

Image Source : Popsugar



  1. Prachi · March 16, 2016

    Welcome back Sanji!!


  2. Ashish Misra · March 19, 2016

    Love it when you say it is contradictory for Indians to pay for anything. That’s just so so true. No offense though!

    And I am sure you will ‘get there’ as you mention. And you have all my respect for trying out so many things/interests in the little time you’ve at your disposal.

    Keep it up! Cheers. Love!


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