7 Most Misleading Indian Advertisements

Advertisements –  they are one of the most powerful media to catch the attention of the consumer. They are all over the place – big billboards across the city, newspaper ads, TV, Internet. Of course, we all use Ad-Block on YouTube, but some advertisements do manage to “spill over”. While many of them are quite catchy, there are some that are misleading to the point of lying to us! They will sugar-coat the harsh truth, promoting products that are totally bull-shit, and are yet done so appealingly, that you will almost always fall for them, till you uncover the nonsense behind them.

Here is my list of 7 most deceiving Indian advertisements ever:

7. 2-minute Maggi

Now I love Maggi, there is absolutely no doubt about it. But, I and you both know for a fact that Maggi almost always takes more than two minutes to cook. It actually takes at least 10 minutes, and for years Maggi-makers Nestle have fooled us with the “2-minute Maggi” concept, adding to kitchen-woes of mothers to clamoring children like me, who believed the commercials, and even the packet. But then, 20 or 2 mins, Maggi tastes so good that we can actually forgive them, can’t we? *Goes to the kitchen to cook her Maggie in ahemm..20 minutes*

6. Surf Excel : Daag Acche hain (Stains are good)

Surf Excel must have got a lot of children beaten up at home for this horribly enticing commercial. Dear kids, no stains are good. Trust me, if you want to go out to play ever again. *winces from her own memories of how evil stains on uniform were*

5. Kelloggs Cornflakes

Lara Dutta in the past, and Deepika Padukone in present have sworn by it, but between you and me,

1. No sane person can take up this challenge just to fit into a saree. Maybe it is my Punjabi blood speaking though.

2. Does Deepika even need to do this? Isn’t she already thin enough? What kind of pressure are they trying to put us in, when a delicious bowl of Maggi is waiting for me?

If Deepika needs to do it, I might as well not even attempt it. Epic fail, Kelloggs.

4. Thumbs Up

So are you trying to tell me that Akshay Kumar, a billionaire actor, can’t go out and buy a bottle of Thumb Up, instead of risking his life to get it hand on one? No seriously, you think we are that crazy to believe that? “Aaj kuch tufaani krte hain”, yeah sure dude, let’s go and jump on vehicle tops. If it was shot in Bangalore, pretty much believable, since there is no space to walk and the traffic sucks.

3. Axe commercials

Now I have been in two minds for this, since even Wildstone was a close competitor. But I will give you exactly three reasons why I chose Axe for the list:

1. The Wildstone advertisements, though seem like an intro to a C-grade flick, are still better than Axe’s, which are just plain stupid.

2. The Wildstone men are actually good-looking, so the advertisements can be ever so slightly credible.

3. Wildstone focuses on a single woman, while Axe apparently attracts the whole town’s women.

2. Garnier Long and Strong Shampoo

I don’t intend to single out Garnier when there are others like L’Oreal, Pantene and Sunsilk, but this advertisement is the MAA-BAAP of all beauty product advertisements. We have seen people turning fairer, getting shinier hair, applying makeup to look like film-stars, but this one just takes the cake. It is worth watching just to admire the audacity of the ad-makers and the swag of the model.

1. Idea Internet Network (IIN)

At the top of the list is of course the very special “IIN, I am from IIN”. Now initially it seems a little unkind to make fun of these commercials, because all Idea is apparently trying to show people is the power of Internet. But a closer look reveals a much more sinister lack of logic; how does a student with no money for Hotel Management open a roof-top restaurant that requires way more investment? And why will someone join a course with Biology major if they are interested in Economics?They conveniently skip the fact that Internet is also full of many sources that offer incorrect information and it is more often wrong than right. So basically Idea wants you to believe in the power of Idea Internet, as if it has a patent for the World Wide Web. It is a shame because Idea came up with some good advertisements in the past.

Do you have your own list of misguiding advertisements? Share in the comments below!!!

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Featured Image Source : ScoopWhoop


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